Backup & Disaster Recovery

When it comes to Backup & Disaster Recovery for your business data, it’s better to be safe than sorry

Eliminate the threat of data loss for your business with our state-of-the-art Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for servers, email, cloud and web services. Clixpert IT provides 24/7 data recovery to ensure that your business can run efficiently and without a hitch. Enquire today about Datto Cloud Backup (one of our partners) and how we can help your business.

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We Provide A Backup Cycle According to your need

Clixpert IT provides SMEs with an automated 6 Backup cycle in everyday. This allows businesses to search for or recover any data that may have been lost or deleted during that period. Whether due to a system malfunction, a virus or unintended loss of important data – Clixpert IT provides the assurance that your data is secured round the clock.

Recover Deleted or Lost Files Within Minutes

Using an unrivalled backup and disaster recovery system, getting your lost data back takes simply a matter of minutes. Through an easy to navigate system, data recovery is easy and uncomplicated for the user.

Why Having A Reliable Data Recovery Service Is Important For Your Business

Whether a small business, medium business or a large enterprise – a data backup system is extremely important. Loss of data can create complications in system function and could even end up costing you a great deal of money.

1. All Data Can Be Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

A system malfunction is not the only thing that can be harmful to data. There is also the threat of viruses and hacking for such reasons as to obtain sensitive data or as a personal attack. It is not just large corporations that are targets for cyberattacks: 43 % of cyberattacks happen to SMEs. So, keeping your business data secure is critical.

2. Data Recovery Without an Efficient System Can Be Extremely Time Consuming

Although our backup and disaster recovery services can take a matter of minutes, trying to recover data in the absence of an efficient data recovery system can take hours, with no guarantee of proper data recovery. Without being able to identify the problem or what happened to the data, businesses can find themselves at a loss.

3. Data Loss Can Happen to Anyone

Data loss is common and often the result of either human error or a hardware malfunction. With it being so easy to lose data, it is wise to have a backup of all of your data.

4. Most Data Are Important – But Some Are Invaluable

Some data that are lost may be expendable but some can be invaluable, whether for contracts, legal reasons or auditing. To not backup such important data can be potentially disastrous for a business.
Clixpert IT is helping SMEs all over Australia achieve their full potential through dynamic and strategic IT Services and Solutions. Through smart software and hardware, as well as a responsive IT team, we allow businesses to achieve maximum growth without disrupting their day to day business.

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