About Us

Clixpert IT is a dynamic and strategic IT Services and Solutions provider. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we’ve helped numerous SMEs as well as large businesses with IT solutions and strategies that are both robust in performance and reliable in use.

Work Smarter, Innovate Better & Grow Faster

At Clixpert IT, our mission is to help businesses achieve their full potential. Unresponsive and inefficient IT support can disrupt your business operations, affecting productivity, which in turn can stall growth. Our comprehensive portfolio of IT services are designed to empower your business, helping you work smarter, innovate better and grow faster.

Our IT experts can help you design, build, reconfigure, manage and procure the technology you need to take your business to the next level.

We’re the Solutions People

Got a problem? Clixpert IT has the solution. Our solution-driven approach is designed to transform your workplace, changing the way people work and communicate. We listen to you to gain a better understanding of the problem and how it impacts your business and come up with customised solutions for outstanding results.

Our Trifecta for End-To-End IT Solutions: Technology-Driven, Cost- Effective & Future-Focused Approach

Our ultimate objective is to provide you with IT services and solutions that work not just for your present business environment, but for the future as well. We understand that the landscape of your business will change and evolve as you expand over the years, which is why Clixpert IT provides future-focused solutions. So, as your business scales, our IT services can scale along with it to meet your changing needs.

When it comes to pricing, our Basic, Standard and Premium packages are designed to be cost-effective and efficient. Whether you’re a startup, SME or a large organization, there’s something for everyone. From Managed IT services to Server & Network Support, Security, Cloud and Backup & Disaster Recovery services, we’ll take care of all your IT requirements, providing the services at highly competitive price points.

We foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation, so our IT experts are always a step ahead when it comes to the latest technology. We lead the market in innovative IT solutions designed for intentional improvement. So, apart from simply providing solutions to problems, we offer technology-driven answers that can help your business achieve excellence.

The Values That Drive Us

  • Focus on the bigger picture
  • Never settle for a quick fix. Instead, get to the root of a problem and come up with a comprehensive solution. We keep our eyes on the future, not just the present.

  • Complacency breeds mediocrity
  • Being complacent is a surefire way to lose your edge. At Clixpert IT, we advocate continuous learning and invest in constant technological upgradation to stay at the top of the game.

  • Build strong client relationships
  • Trust is the foundation of any good relationship. To this end, we work hard to nurture and build strong relationships with our clients that are mutually rewarding.